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WBEA Year in Review

2017 WBEA by the Numbers
Women-Owned Business and Enterpreneurs: 865

Certified Women Business Enterprises: 760

Total Number of Women Served: 1,549
Revenue: $8.9 Billion

Job Created: 48,000


Community Partners Events
Total Number Events: 10


Educational Seminar(Numbers include Educational Encounters)

Total Number Events: 20

Total Number Attendees: 237


Scholarship Awarded

Total dollars awarded: $26,459


Free Business Advising and Consultation

Number of Hours: 196.85

Number of Clients:145

Volunteer Network

Total Number: 84

Total Number of Hours:56


Corporate Members

Total Number:35


Social Media

Total Number of "likes" on WBEA facebook page: 3,807

Total Number of "likes"on HoustonGalveston Women's Business Center facebook page: 665

Total Number of "likes" on San Antoino WBEA facebook page: 350

Total Number of Followers on WBEA Twitter Page: 1,057

Total Number of Followers on WBEA Instagram: 449

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