WBEA Novemeber 2012 Cutting Edge Awards and Scholarship Luncheon Message

Houston, Texas | November 06, 2012

WBEA Members,
On behalf of the WBEA Board of Directors I would like to welcome you to the 2012 Cutting Edge Awards and Scholarship Luncheon. First I would like to personally thank all the sponsors and volunteers that are supporting today’s luncheon.
I would also like acknowledge our Board members who are in attendance today. Please stand as I call your name.
·         Otto Meyers, Shell Oil Company and Corporate Vice Chair and 2013 Chair-Elect
·         Diedria Joseph, Topp Knotch Personnel and WBE Vice Chair
·         Tommie Steverson, Steverson Staffing Services and Treasurer
·         Sophia Gaona , Kelly Services and 2013 Corporate Vice Chair-Elect
·         Jane Henry, Xcution and 2013 Secretary-Elect
·         Julie Irvin, Keystone Resources
·         Kathie Edwards, Westpark Communications
·         And our newest member – Merrill Crawford, Charlie’s Plumbing
Board members not able to be with us today include
·         Marian Nimon, UT M.D. Anderson Cancer Center, Secretary
·         Allison Marshall, ExxonMobil
·         Marvin Moore, ConocoPhillips
Let’s give our Board a round of applause.
The last few months, the WBEA has been preparing for a new direction. There have been some bumps along the way. I am hoping that we have put all of that behind us. I would like to thank the membership for their support through this transition. Please join me in showing our support for our new WBEA President, April Day.
Finally I would like to address the health of the WBEA through my version of the State of the Union. I want you to know that the WBEA is financially sound. Although, we don’t have final numbers for October we anticipate a very strong month due to a fantastic golf tournament where we were able to generate revenues of over $78,000 which exceeded our goal by more than $14,000. Thanks to the Golf Committee, volunteers and sponsors. In addition to our financial strength, I wanted to share with you that we just completed our annual Financial Audit, which from early indications looks as though we will pass.
Finally due to our change in leadership WBENC recently conducted a review of our operations including certification, events, and financials. I recently received a letter from Pam Prince-Eason the President & CEO of WBENC. I would like to share a few excerpts from this letter with you as follows.
 “I wanted to send a note to all of you during this time of great change to share my support and my confidence that WBEA is addressing the changes you are undergoing in a professional and sustainable manner. “
“I appreciate the recognition of our partnership and I stand ready to support your direction in order to make our entire WBENC Network stronger.”
“Candace Waterman spent a week with the Council in October as April assumed her leadership role. All evidence from the meetings, employee discussions, process reviews and financial information indicate that WBEA has available the resources needed to work through the roadmap you have charted.”
“WBEA is an important partner of WBENC and we believe in the mission of WBEA and the strong commitment of the many parties involved in the WBEA organization.”
“We are here to lend our support and look forward to welcoming April into her role as part of the WBENC leadership structure. “
Bottom line, the WBEA is a healthy and vibrant organization and I am proud to serve as Board Chair. If you have any doubts about this please speak to me or any of our Board members. Now let’s enjoy this awards and scholarship luncheon.
Kelly R. Mortensen
WBEA Chairman of the Board of Directors
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