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How To Get WBENC WBE Certified

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How To Get WBENC WBE Certified

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How To Get WBENC WBE Certified

About WBEA

WBEA History

Serving women-owned businesses in 94 Texas counties.
Women-owned businesses comprise one of the fastest growing segments in today's economy.  Since the WBEA's inception in 1995, the number of businesses owned and operated by women has increased substantially, creating new jobs, generating unique opportunities, and fostering a resurgence of the entrepreneurial spirit in the marketplace.

The Women's Business Enterprise Alliance, a nationally recognized purchasing council, is a pacesetter in helping women business enterprises grow and develop. WBEA is strongly committed to increasing opportunities for women-owned businesses and providing qualified suppliers to corporate and government purchasers. Headquartered in Houston, the Women's Business Enterprise Alliance serves a 94-county Texas region with programs, activities, and educational opportunities designed to support and promote women-owned enterprises.

As an affiliate of the Women's Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC), WBEA serves as the third-party certifying organization for women-owned businesses in the 94 Texas counties. Businesses that are at least 51% owned by a woman and meet specific criteria as outlined by WBENC standards and procedures are eligible for certification -- a designation which is recognized and required by most major corporations and governmental agencies as a purchasing criterion.

Established in 1995, The Women's Business Enterprise Alliance works to increase the opportunities and growth of women-owned businesses. WBEA members are actively involved in developing programs and designing activities that meet the specific needs of women-owned enterprises. Since its inception, the organization has doubled its membership, established scholarship and mentoring programs, and has become one of the nation's leading certifiers of women-owned businesses.

Staying ahead in today's fast-paced market requires technical know-how and business savvy...and WBEA helps its members meet these challenges with proven tools, techniques and solid solutions.

Partnering and networking, forming alliances and building businesses --- that's what WBEA is all about.



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