WBE Certification

Checklist for Required Documents for Recertification


Recertification Checklist


Documents are to be uploaded into WBENCLink.org

Due to the situation with COVID-19, the following process is in place for all applicants (new and renewal applications):


Temporary Sworn Affidavit process  

  • If someone is unable to access a Notary, the applicant may submit the un-notarized Sworn Affidavit and it will be accepted during this crisis until further notice
  • For NEW CERTIFICATIONS and RECERTICATIONS, a notarized Sworn Affidavit will be due upon recertification next year
Mandatory Supporting Documents for Recert Applications:


General & Financial Information


r  Printed Summary View of application from WBENCLink

r  Signed Sworn WBENC Affidavit notarized by a 3rd party

r  WBENCLink User Agreement 3.7 – signed by female owner

r  Processing fee

r  Updated evidence of gender and/or citizenship of owner(s) if expired since last certification

r  Most recent signed Federal Income Tax returns, as filed with the IRS or evidence of extension

r  Most recent financial statements (Balance Sheet and Profit & Loss Statement)

r  W-2s/1099s from every officer, director, or owner receiving compensation for the prior year


For all Corporations

r  Most recent board of directors meeting minutes

r  Most recent shareholders’ meeting minutes


The following should be submitted, IF APPLICABLE:

r  Documentation on the ownership, management, or business structure if changes since last certification (i.e. new/canceled stock certificates, citizenship/ gender for new owners, etc.)

r  Resumes for any new owners or officers

r  Any amendments to the corporate bylaws, LLC, or partnership agreement

r  Any new professional and business license(s)

r  Copy of current real estate lease agreement (if renewed since last certificate was issued)

r  Any new management, consulting, service, affiliate and/or subsidiary agreements





This is only if you are applying for WOSB certification

WOSB Documents

r  WOSB Application

r  Proof of registration in SAM.gov, System for Award Management (Printout of Entity Overview)

r  IRS Form 941 (Quarterly Tax Return) for preceding 12 months OR W-3 (Transmittal of Wage & Tax Statements) for past year OR List of employees (if Forms 941 or W-3 are not available)


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